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Are you or an elderly family member struggling with organization issues, memory loss and feeling independent?

Eperture, LLC of Indiana has developed a new computer application and program to keep you, the family, in contact with the end-user (the senior family member) even if you share the same home or are 2000 miles apart!

RememberStuff® is housed on a new HP computer screen with a touch screen function so no computer shills are required by the senior family member. The screens include an organizational calendar, a list screen to create reminders on how to do familiar tasks, and a message screen that allows the seniors to stay connected 24/7 with family or friends through text or video messaging.

Eperture has moved from development to pilot status of this exciting new project. We are looking for 20 new pilot users to use the device for 2 months for FREE and then share your experiences by completing a usefulness survey at the end of the pilot.

If you wish to continue to use the computer program after the pilot, you will be offered a 10% discounted price for purchase of the unit for being a pilot participant. If you wish to discontinue the program, we ask that you return the RS Unit in its original mailing box with the enclosed return mailing label.

By signing up for the Remember Stuff Pilot, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • If stopping program, within one week of pilot's end, agree to return unit in original shipping box using the enclosed shipping label.
  • Decide to terminate use of unit.
  • Decide at end of Pilot to purchase the unit at a 10% discount.
  • Agree to provide feedback to company on benefits, problems and new desired features for this unit.
  • Agree to use RememberStuff unit as instructed.

Thank you for your interest in our exciting new product to assist those challenged with remaining independent, senior care of a family member and just remaining connected in today’s busy world.

Mary Ellen Mullholand, RN, MBA

President, Eperture, LLC



RememberStuff’s goal is to support loved ones in their determination to live independently and stay connected with family and friends. RememberStuff provides users with a Calendar to help them remember appointments and important events, a Remember section to help remember how to perform some of their favorite tasks, Messaging to loved ones (both video and text), as well as Activities like quizzes and memory games.