About Us

My partner, Jack Riester and I initially created RememberStuff for my mother and myself. We developed this technology for one simple reason—to interact with mom and see her smile every day.

At the time, mom lived 1,200 miles away from me and was in the early stages of dementia. Having created multiple technology products in the diesel engine world, I applied those skills to creating a prototype of RememberStuff. My mother, my siblings, and myself were the first people to use the device, and it was one of the great joys in our lives to have simple, direct, and positive interaction and engagement with mom at that time in her life, even from thousands of miles away. She could watch videos from us as often as she wanted. She felt more in control of her schedule, she was happier--and so were we.

After a few years of using, enhancing, and enjoying the device, so many people who saw the system remarked that they would love to have access to this kind of positive interaction with their parent or family member struggling with cognition concerns, my son, siblings, and I decided to bring this product to market. Over the past 12 months, we have grown RememberStuff from our original system one-off to a powerful device with a defined infrastructure that is a complete, publicly viable system.

Lots of people have concerns about using new technology. Maybe your loved one has used the same computer and software applications for years, or perhaps they stopped entirely because they now find them confusing. No matter their current computer proficiency or past experience, the RememberStuff Touchscreen will them feel empowered to dive right in from the first moment they power up the system

The brains of RememberStuff is built right into a high quality desktop touchscreen. There is no mouse, no keyboard and nothing required for setup except to plug the device into the wall outlet and connect it to Wi-Fi. That’s it. Our goal with RememberStuff has always been to offer a stress-free experience. Indeed, much of RememberStuff’s entire reason for existence is to remove stress for both users and caregivers.

We’ve worked to ensure that the device we built would not require any training, guesswork, or prior (or remembered) computer fluency. Every day and in every way, our agenda was ‘keep it simple.’ When the device powers on, it will always bring up the RememberStuff main page, the calendar, from which they can engage the entire system. There are no extra programs or options for people to get lost inside.

If your loved one can touch a screen, then they can fully interact with every aspect of RememberStuff.

I can’t wait to share this system with you!

Christine Mullholand
Creator of RememberStuff

My mother, father, and brother