BUG: SOLITAIRE stops responding once the player loses the game.

FIX: Allow player to start a new game.

TIMING OF FIX: Next release of software anticipated to be 3rd quarter 2019.

STATUS: Once we know the date of the release, we will put that date here in the Status area.  The fix will be applied to all customer units in the middle of the night provided the units are turned on.  


BUG: WIFI is changed to iPhone Hot Spot causes problems & the unit must be rebooted.

FIX: The technical staff is looking into a fix.

TIMING OF FIX: Once solved, the technical staff will push the fix to all units provide the unit are turned on.  Fixes are pushed out in the middle of the night.

STATUS: Fixed 2nd quarter


BUG: Weather Updates Not Working

The weather is not updating real-time.  On 1-23-2019, the weather disappeared from the top right corner but restored after reboot.

FIX: This has been reported to the software team.

TIMING OF FIX: This should be updated in the 2nd quarter release.

STATUS: Fixed 2nd quarter.