Calling All Baby-Boomers – Create your own home kiosk!

Did you ever wish you had information right at the tip of your fingers? 

You can with RememberStuff, the home and assisted living kiosk that stores pictures, text and video clip and much more.

Use your kiosk to consolidate any information you care about so when your current technologies or physical storage places go away or are just plain tired of upgrading tablets, pads, laptops, phones and desktops, you have that information in one place and we take care of those upgrades for you.

Here is an example of what you can do with our calendar. Click on the blue are under today’s agenda and get all the definition you think you need. For instance, why is the Martini Club meeting at 5:00 am? Good question.

Memories: Here are pictures and captions for a family sailing trip.  They are easy to access and through our portal, they are easy to create, update or delete.

REMEMBER memories rememberstuff for baby boomers

For work, I used the Remember section to create spaces for things like passwords, business accounts, software logins, etc.   These things are always at my fingertips.

The Calendar is used for meetings, doctor appointments, etc.  Recurring dates may be entered for monthly meetings or birthdays.  When I enter a birthday, I can include things like sizes, colors, favorite authors, etc.

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