• Capture Memories

    Pictures are good but videos are priceless!

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  • Financial Advantages

    Delay cost of living in a facility

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  • Have More Time for Fun!

    See how to keep your info in one place.

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  • Remember The Appointment

    Easily video message, share reminders, events, appointments, and games plus quizzes to help remember and retain memories.

  • Ideal For Group Homes

    Success stories

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Stimulate the mind with custom quizzes and games.

Create & Capture Memories.

Get informative reminders for appointments.

Stay on top of things RememberStuff™!!!

Perfect for young and old alike. The RememberStuff™ Touchscreen system provides simple, secure, technology for independently-minded people who need help keeping track of their world as well as for the people who love them. RememberStuff’s™ unique combination of software and hardware helps your family stay organized, keep challenged, and maintain secure social connections.

  • Fun and Stimulating

    Have fun sending and receiving video messages, making brain-stimulating quizzes, keeping in touch, and seeing the responses from your loved one. Select from our growing library of games such as solitaire, Mah-jong and Sudoku.

  • Maintain Social Connections with Family and Friends

    Everyone you choose (and only those you choose) can have access to send and receive messages with the person experiencing a mental disability.

  • So Very Easy To Use

    An intuitive interface makes it easy for everyone to use. The large, touchscreen monitor means that the end-user suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s can easily see everything and just touch the large and obvious symbols for whatever they want to do.

  • Secure and Seamlessly Maintained

    No worry about spam, hackers or scammers. Plus, cloud technology keeps everything in sync and your loved one’s system protected.

Here is a short interview with Fox News 59 of how the RememberStuff TouchScreen unit works and interacts between the Caregiver and End User.  Have questions or interested in leasing a unit, please contact us.

The RememberStuff™ Touchscreen has a simple, intuitive interface. The end-user can:


Get Notifications and Check Calendar Events

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Graduations
Classes and Group Meetings
Medical Appointments
Medication Reminders
Upcoming Family and Friend Visits


Message Family and Friends

Send Video/Voice Messages
Text Messages, Too
Send and Read on Your Schedule
(Nobody Has to be There at the Same Time)


Remember (No More Stickies)

Insurance & Important Information
Names with Photos
Addresses & Phone Numbers
Custom Lists


Enjoy Fun Challenges

Solve Puzzles
Play Games

Add Content and Communicate Through the Caregiver Portal

The Caregiver Portal gives you the ability to populate content on your loved one’s RememberStuff™ Touchscreen as well as send and receive messages. You get to choose additional caregivers (administrators) as well as regular family and friends users who can send and receive messages.

The Caregiver Portal is supported on iPhones & Android phones running the Chrome browser or Safari Mobile. iPads & Android Tablets, as well as laptop and desktop computers, running Chrome, Firefox or Opera are supported.

(Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported. Safari is not supported on laptops or desktop computers.)