YOU can help the person with a RememberStuff unit, keep information in one place.

STORY: My Mom help losing these things when she was pre-dementia. She spent hours each day looking for things from her address book to the calendar where she wrote down birthdays to the slips of papers she had for doctor’s appointments. This became increasingly stressful for her and she would call me at work, many times a day, asking me about dates, addresses and sizes for presents. Once she had RememberStuff, I was able to enter all of these things into her unit so they were easily accessible in one place. I even added reminders for appointments that include not only the reason for the appointment but also directions on how to find where she needed to be and how long it takes to get there.

Here is a subset of the types of information the RememberStuff unit can have easily available:


  • Birthdays
  • Birthdays with addresses
  • Birthdays with phone numbers
  • Anniversaries
  • Anniversaries with addresses
  • Anniversaries with phone numbers
  • Graduation dates
  • Dates when friends or family died
  • Doctor appointments
  • Doctor appointments with directions
  • 20 (any # of your choosing) minute pop-up reminder to leave for an appointment
  • Reminder when the family will be visiting
  • Reminder to make a phone call
  • Reminder to take pills
  • Reminder to wash clothes
  • Reminder to sweep the breezeway
  • Reminder to go for a walk
  • ETC…………

Remember Section

  • List of birthday gift suggestions with sizes
  • Insurance information
  • Recipes
  • Recipes with a check list of directions
  • Address book
  • How to knit an afghan
  • How to use the TV remote (with pictures)