More Product Options and Prices!!!

We are bringing new product options to our customers with a wider range of sizes and prices.  While we work on this, WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU! We have listed the new options below.  If you enter your email beside the options that you find of interest, that helps us to understand which devices to launch first.  You also will be notified when the product and new price are available for purchase!  We appreciate your input.

RS – Deluxe (was $1,395 _”x_” touchscreen desktop or kiosk)

RS - Deluxe

RS – Standard (New offering with a price range of $250-$495 _”x_” Touchscreen desktop)

RS - Standard

RS – Tablet (New monthly subscription $25/month plus cost of tablet)

RS - Tablet

My – Games ( Add-on to any RememberStuff computer to include custom created games for your loved ones)

RS - Games

If you would like to order one of the current RS units click on the link below to proceed to the current computer.