RememberStuff for Research

A Research Technology for Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Related Diseases

RENTAL UNITS & TRAINING NOW AVAILABLE. Email for a quote.  Including start-date, end-date and number of units needed.  Also indicate if you want desktop units or wall-mounted units.

Rememberstuff creators believe that sustaining loved ones’ independence and sense of dignity is our number one priority.  This extends to how our research tool is designed for clinical trials.

Our Approach

For the Patient:

  • Simplifies the patient’s ability to meet the needs of the clinical trial.
  • Ease of use – the anxiety associated with “Am I doing this right?” is non-existent for most patient.
  • Mental and emotional engagement with two-way video messaging clears up any questions the patient may have thus increasing the validity of the clinical trial
  • The more enjoyable the tool is to use, the more accurate the inputs should be – no short-cuts just to “get something done.”.

Optionally: For the Caregiver:

  • If the clinical trial allows it, the caregiver can also have access to the unit in order to support compliance with the study.

For the Researcher:

  • The researcher can provide updates and encourage to individual patients or groups of patients through the system
  • All of the screens allow customer content
  • The researcher reinforces the purpose of the trial through the system so it is always at the patient’s finger tips
  • The researcher may have check points and “quizzes” throughout the trial that help keep the trial on track
  • Back-end data is accessible via an application that can show both raw data and summarized data real-time or historically.

Eperture, LLC of Indiana has developed a new computer technology to keep families/friends connected even if miles apart. It allows those with memory loss to stay engaged with their communities and provides a sense of managing their daily routines.

RememberStuff is housed on a new HP computer touch screen unit that is completely self-contained, safe and easy to use.

RememberStuff Includes simple touch screens: Calendar, Remember and “To Do” lists, Text/Video Messages, and Games/Activities are the main screens in version 1.0 and available currently.

RememberStuff provides data entry function to caregivers of all pertinent and personal data such as: medical history, dosages and times of medication, calendar entries, lists and reminders to help build personal data bank and data enter using their personal computer via the caregiver’s portal. Easy to use instructions for data entry are included with the unit.

All personal data is provided by the caregiver entering the data and they also determine all approved contacts for the family’s unit. No Spam and No Scams. No worries of fraud or confusing requests from outside sources.

Also, a 24/7 Help/call center is available to address any needs or concerns by calling the HELP number you receive at time of purchase.

RememberStuff-Research pricing is available upon request.