Remember the Birthdays

Easily video message, share reminders, events, appointments, and games with your loved ones

Introducing The RememberStuff Touchscreen

Simple, secure, assistive technology for independently-minded people who need help keeping track of their world. RememberStuff's unique combination of software and hardware helps your loved one stay organized, active, and social.


Have fun sending videos, making activities, and keeping in touch and seeing the response from your loved one


A straight forward interface makes the communication process a breeze

Seamlessly Maintained

Cloud technology keeps everything in sync and your loved one’s system protected

The RememberStuff Touchscreen provides a user with an intuitive interface to

Check Calendar Events
Dr. Appointments

Message Loved Ones
Send Messages and Video!

Read Reminders
Insurance Information
How to Use a TV Remote

Take Quizzes
Solve Puzzles
Play Brain Teasers
And More

Add content through the Caretaker Portal

The Caretaker Portal gives you the ability to populate content on your loved one's RememberStuff Touchscreen.

Nana's Cake

A short story about RememberStuff

*Screen images are different from the current unit's interface.