• Don’t let physical distancing lead to social distancing with loved ones in a care facility!

    RememberStuff® will be introducing Live Video. Keeping loved ones in Assisted Living Facilities safe and in-the-loop.

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  • RememberStuff® for Facilities

    RememberStuff® Touchscreen finds ways to help new residents acclimate to facilities in a variety of ways.

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  • RememberStuff® Touchscreens for Research

    Rememberstuff® believes that sustaining loved ones’ independence and sense of dignity is our number one priority. This extends to how our research tool is designed for clinical trials.

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Meet RememberStuff®

A premium System experience. From its high quality, commercial grade, stand-alone touch screen, to its customizable software, to its exceptional and responsive tech support, we are creating a singular, secure, top-shelf opportunity.


Get notifications and keep track of Birthdays, Anniversaries & Graduations Classes
Group Meetings
Medical Appointments
Medication Reminders
Upcoming Family
Friend Visits


Message Family and Friends with Text, Video or Voice Messages. Send and Read on Your Schedule.


• Recipes
• Insurance & Important Information
• Names with Photos
• Addresses & Phone Numbers
• Custom Lists


Stimulate the mind with custom quizzes and games.

  • Personalized

    System is a blank slate that is filled with their story, appointments, birthdays, recipes, medication and so much more.

Caregiver Portal

The Caregiver Portal gives you the ability to populate content on your loved one’s RememberStuff® Touchscreen as well as send and receive messages. You get to choose additional caregivers (administrators) as well as regular family and friends users who can send and receive messages.

The Caregiver Portal is supported on iPhones & Android phones running the Chrome browser or Safari Mobile. iPads & Android Tablets, as well as laptop and desktop computers, running Chrome, Firefox or Opera are supported.

  • Less Stress, More Joy

    Designed to ease the stress of the individual and the caretakers during early stages of memory loss.

Independence Awaits

We have researched and tested multiple technology platforms and feel confident in the partners that we have chosen to be able to deliver the finest product.

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Here is a short animated film of how the RememberStuff® TouchScreen unit works and interacts between the Caregiver and End User.  Have questions or interested in leasing a unit, please contact us.

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The RememberStuff® Touchscreen has a simple, intuitive interface. The end-user can:

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