RememberStuff® for Research

Our #1 goal at RememberStuff® is to help the individual struggling with dementia or other cognitive challenges maintain their dignity and independence. Using a RememberStuff® kiosk during clinical trials empowers the person living with dementia and results in improved research technology for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and related diseases.

Research Data Collection through individual’s use of RememberStuff®

RememberStuff® is setup as an individual assigned technology for each person involved in your research. The unit can track specific activities of interest by individual and store this information till the end of the study. Then the researcher can request a report by individual or by group of participants for specific data point summary in a report that the researcher can request by their preference of format.

The process of tracking data follows a specific path that produces predictable data reporting formats based on how the researcher sets up their measurement models in their grant descriptions. The tables are flexible and can accommodate individual reporting preferences.

The process includes:

  • Selection of participants for your study from a possible pre-approved list of interested participants.
  • Participants will be collected as random ID numbers and not by name.
  • RememberStuff® is an easy to use touchscreen device that collects engagement data directly from the user. The collected data is matched to the data required by your grant criteria to track and validate use of the program.
  • RememberStuff® is available through a HP 800 Elite desktop kiosk or a Microsoft Surface Go tablet.
  • RememberStuff® units are shipped to the home of the unit user with set-up instructions.
  • Each designated data enter person is provided an ID, password, and link to the caregiver portal for data entry of all personal end-user information.
  • Data entry person is provided with a link to the RememberStuff® data entry training videos and the paper version of the training guide to support accurate and complete data entry.
  • The data points to be collected are designed from the measurement models specified in the grant proposal.
  • During times of Covid-19 or required social distancing, research steps are conducted safely through our custom approach though the livestreaming software called Live Pal. This solution keeps the researchers and the participants safe from spread of disease while still providing a face to face communication experience.
  • Eperture can accommodate custom integration of devices with the researchers own content. This custom step is accomplished on a separate fee basis.
  • The researcher’s interface is through a web browser where the research team may track participants by individual activity or group information.
  • The live video experience of RememberStuff® can support your interview process or replace asking the questions but rather, use the “Pop-Up Question” feature and store their personal responses.
  • The participant uses the RememberStuff® unit daily for the duration of the study and all requested data points are collected and stored under specific person ID number or by group until the end of the study.
  • The unit’s quizzes can be customized to match the intent of your research. This function will allow the researcher the visualization of aligning the user’s experience with the focus of the research being conducted.
  • Each researcher can request the data points collected in a summary report format at the end of the study.
  • At the completion of the study, the RememberStuff units can be purchased by interested participants or they can be returned to Eperture where they are scrubbed clean of all personal study data, sanitized and then returned to inventory for the next research project.

Dementia Research Tools

RememberStuff® can be a new addition to your research process that allows personal feedback and real time responses to the items being studied. Each researcher can request their own summary reports at the end of each measurement period.

How Does RememberStuff® Benefit the Resident?

RememberStuff® provides:

  • An increased ability to meet the needs of the clinical trial due to the ease of use with RememberStuff®
  • A lack of anxiety that often comes from worrying, “Am I doing this right?” because RememberStuff® is easy to understand and use
  • Greater clarity. Any confusion or questions the resident may have can quickly and easily be cleared up through the two-way video messaging within RememberStuff®.
  • A greater sense of enjoyment for the person living with dementia, resulting in more accurate input, thus increasing the validity of the clinical trial. The resident is less likely to take a short-cut just to get something done if the experience is pleasurable.

Additionally, if the clinical trial allows it, the caretaker can also have access to the unit to confirm compliance with the study.

How Does RememberStuff® Benefit the Researcher?

The researcher can:

  • Provide updates and encouragement to individuals or groups through the system
  • Provide custom content for each screen
  • Reinforce the purpose of the trial so the resident is always aware of it
  • Add checkpoints and “quizzes” throughout the trial to help keep the trial on track
  • View back-end data via an application that can show raw and summarized data in real-time or historically.

RememberStuff® is easy and enjoyable to use, reducing anxiety and confusion while improving data accuracy.

Rental Units and Training Are Now Available.

Email us now at for a quote, and include start/end dates, number of units needed, and whether you want desktop or wall-mounted units.