RememberStuff Is for Research

Our #1 goal at RememberStuff® is to help the individual struggling with dementia or other cognitive challenges maintain their dignity and independence. Using a RememberStuff® kiosk during clinical trials empowers the patient and results in improved research technology for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and related diseases.

How Does RememberStuff® Benefit the Patient?

RememberStuff® provides:

  • An increased ability to meet the needs of the clinical trial due to the ease of use with RememberStuff®
  • A lack of anxiety that often comes from worrying, “Am I doing this right?” because RememberStuff® is easy to understand and use
  • Greater clarity. Any confusion or questions the patient may have can quickly and easily be cleared up through the two-way video messaging within RememberStuff®.
  • A greater sense of enjoyment for the patient, resulting in more accurate input, thus increasing the validity of the clinical trial. The patient is less likely to take a short-cut just to get something done if the experience is pleasurable.

Additionally, if the clinical trial allows it, the caretaker can also have access to the unit to confirm compliance with the study.

How Does RememberStuff® Benefit the Researcher?

The researcher can:

  • Provide updates and encouragement to individuals or groups through the system
  • Provide custom content for each screen
  • Reinforce the purpose of the trial so the patient is always aware of it
  • Add checkpoints and “quizzes” throughout the trial to help keep the trial on track
  • View back-end data via an application that can show raw and summarized data in real-time or historically.

RememberStuff® is easy and enjoyable to use, reducing anxiety and confusion while improving data accuracy. 

Rental Units and Training Are Now Available.

Email us now at for a quote, and include start/end dates, number of units needed, and whether you want desktop or wall-mounted units.