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Q: What are my options for a subscription and what is included? A: RememberStuff™ is offered as a complete hardware and support solution for 3 months to one-year periods. You can add time to your subscription for as long as you feel like the technology is useful to you and your loved ones. With a subscription, the Touchscreen is shipped to you or your loved one, along with initial setup instructions, keyboard, and mouse. After connecting the system to WiFi, we recommend leaving only the Touchscreen with the user, as the unit has all ease-of-use functions accessible right on the screen. When your subscription expires, you can renew for another 3 or 12 month period.


Q: I only need to connect the Touchscreen to WiFi in order for it to function? Nothing else? A: Correct! Once you’ve powered up and connected to WiFi, the background software does everything else. You will not have to be present to perform any upgrades or updates to software. All of that is handled by the system and the backend support staff. As a caregiver, you can begin video or text messaging your loved one immediately from your own device. You can invite others to join you and expand the social circle for your loved one through a simple email interface. You can also add as much content as you like to the user’s calendar, remember page, and other activities from your personal device.

Calendar Screen

Q: Can the calendar be set up to repeat events? A: Yes. When entering a new event, you will be given the choice of either a one-time event or a recurring event, happening weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

Q: Can any person add events to the calendar using the RS unit? A: No, all data entry must be entered, edited, and modified on the RS Unit by the Caregiver(s) through the Caregiver Portal. Only invited friends and family can send and receive video and text messages through the unit. Full permissions may be given to appropriate people by designating them Caregivers also.

Remember Screen

Q: Can I add my own topics to the Remember area? A: Yes, you can re-name a topic label and set up the entire entry to fit your personal needs and how you feel your loved one will best interact with the topic.

Q: Is there a limit to how many items/topics I can store? A: No, you can create as many topics as needed to meet your needs.

Activities Screen

Q: What do the numbers on the left of the Activities Screen under questions and minutes mean? A: This is an electronic counter to track the number of times the end-user attempted the activity, how many questions were attempted, and how long it took to reach the correct answer. This counter will help the administrator know if the end-user is engaging the unit and if they are able to respond to the questions.

Q: Can I upload games from my telephone into the unit? A: No, currently the activities/trivia multiple-choice questions are designed by the Caregiver(s) to match the interest of the person using the RS Unit.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Activity Questions? A: No, you can provide as many questions as you’d like. The activity questions should be short, multiple-choice questions to help the end-user stay engaged with the activity and keep their mind active.

Q: How often should I change the Quiz questions? A: We suggest you add one to two new questions every two to three weeks to keep the end-user challenged but also continue to use the original questions to see if the users improve their accurate response time.

Messages Screen

Q: Will the videos sent to and from the user remain stored on the unit? A: No, but the Caregiver download them to his/her computer.

Q: Can the end-user respond to a video message? A: Yes, your loved one can respond with either a video or a text message. An embedded camera and keyboard, right on the touchscreen, make this action a simple, secure process.