Who is RememberStuff® For?

RememberStuff® was designed to help a person with mild to medium dementia regain independence while restoring their sense of dignity.

For the resident in a care community, nearby or thousands of miles away, it is especially difficult dealing with feelings of loneliness and separation from their family and friends. Family members and caregivers experience similar emotions as they’re not sure how to make meaningful connections with their loved ones, especially those with memory loss and other forms of dementia.

Families feel removed, guilty, afraid, worried, and anxious. Caregivers understand they are responsible for keeping the individual engaged, active, and feeling safe.


An Innovative Solution

Our goal in creating RememberStuff® was to support loved ones in their determination to live independently and stay connected with family and friends.

RememberStuff® provides users with reminders of appointments and important events, instructions on how to perform some of their favorite tasks, engage in meaningful ways with loved ones, and enjoy appropriately challenging games and activities, all at the touch of a screen.

We’ve kept it simple and stress-free: If someone can touch a screen, they can successfully navigate and benefit from RememberStuff®.

As a part of an overall solution, RememberStuff® can play a vital role in enhancing the quality of your loved one’s life while restoring your peace of mind.

How RememberStuff® Can Help:

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The Calendar is the home page on the RememberStuff® system. This helps keep appointments, upcoming visits, medication remembers, and activities at the front of the resident’s mind.

The content is customizable for each individual, making it relevant and meaningful. Reminders can also be assigned audible alerts.


The Messages feature now has the option to conduct a Live-Video (Zoom-like call) call with 1-3 family members. This will allow family members and the senior to visit frequently when in-person visiting is not permitted. It also allows for calls throughout the day that don’t require the staff to facilitate. This will allow the senior to remain connected to family and not feel agitated or isolated by the loss of this vital personal connection.

Text, audio, or visual messages provide an easy way to engage meaningfully with loved ones, and they can be listened to or watched over and over.

Memories are priceless. Imagine sending a video clip to your Mom asking if she remembers the song she used to sing to you at night and ask her to sing it if she can remember it. What if later that day you open a video from her, and she is singing you that song! She is 93 and you are 70, but in that moment, you become a little girl of 4 and your Mom is 27 again.


Perhaps your loved one has called you repeatedly for the same thing, not remembering that you’ve already given them the answer. Or maybe he or she just needs a little reminder from time to time. Either way, your loved one will feel empowered as their memory is refreshed with recipes, names, photos, and any kind of customized list.


Experts agree that mental stimulation is crucial for brain health. The Activities section within RememberStuff® can include whatever games, quizzes, and other activities your loved one enjoys. These activities can be customized to adapt to the individual’s current and future needs.

But Is It Complicated?

Many people have concerns about using new technology. Maybe your loved one has used the same computer and software applications for years, or maybe they stopped using it entirely because now they find it all too confusing.

The exciting news is that no matter what their current computer ability is, and regardless of their past experiences, the RememberStuff® touchscreen will give them the confidence to dive right in from the first moment they power up the system.

Our top priority is to help any individual struggling with mild to mid-dementia and offer support to their caretaker. After seeing the difference it made in our loved ones’ lives, we believe RememberStuff® can be part of the solution you have been wishing for – for both of you.

Embarrassment, fear, forgetting… all work to keep someone with any cognitive challenge isolated and reluctant to engage or to try new things. But with the increased sense of independence and self-confidence RememberStuff® can elicit, you just might find your loved one more motivated to engage, socialize, or even exercise!


Have Questions?

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