Warranties and Returns

Software limited warranty:

RememberStuff software comes with a limited warranty that it will perform substantially as stated in RememberStuff publications on the date of the initial purchase or rental of the RememberStuff unit. Since software in general, including RememberStuff software, is continually adapting to the feedback from users no other warranty is expressed or implied. Eperture’s sole obligation during the initial term of the purchase or rental agreements to issue updates every 90 days. These updates are targeted at issues encountered by significant numbers of users and may or may not address issues encountered by any individual user. These updates may also include functional enhancements to the entire population of RememberStuff units.


Hardware warranty:

RememberStuff hardware, specifically the touchscreen monitor and attached computer unit, are warranted to be free from failures for two full years from the date of purchase. Eperture’s warranty responsibility shall be limited to repair or replacement, at Eperture’s option, to correct any failure not caused by customer misuse, abuse, accident or other fault of customer.  Warranty service of the RememberStuff unit shall be performed, first remotely by telephone and/or remote electronic analysis and adjustment of the unit to better focus any needed corrective actions. If that step fails to resolve the issue, a service technician from the hardware supplier of the RememberStuff unit shall analyze and repair the unit at user’s location. If repair on-site is not deemed feasible by the technician, the unit shall be returned to Eperture and repaired or replaced. Shipping costs to and from Eperture as well as repair or replacement costs shall be born by Eperture. Eperture shall not be liable for any down time or loss of use of the RememberStuff unit to user while the failure is being resolved. Customer’s information that is managed through the Caregiver Portal shall be restored onto the repaired or replaced unit when it is delivered to user and the unit is properly logged back into the RememberStuff system.


Return policy:

Eperture will accept returns of RememberStuff units within 30 days of the date of purchase under the following conditions. Customer must contact Eperture at returns@rememberstuff.com stating, in detail, the reason they wish to return the RememberStuff unit. Eperture will evaluate the request and, if valid, issue a return authorization email and a pre-paid return-shipping label to the purchaser. The RememberStuff unit must be returned in “as new” condition and in its original packaging. When the RememberStuff unit is received, inspected by Eperture and the unit is found to be in “as new” condition, a credit for the original purchase price less a restocking fee of $250.00 will be issued to the credit card used for the original purchase.