RememberStuff® for Individuals

Distance, isolation, anxiety, and loss of interaction impact everyone’s quality of life. This is especially true for residents in care communities. Add to that dementia and other forms of memory loss, and the feelings become even more acute.

RememberStuff® provides support for individuals making later-in-life transitions, especially if they are experiencing mild to medium cognitive decline. RememberStuff® can enable them to experience a sense of independence, restoring lost confidence and dignity.

RememberStuff® is the perfect tool to help improve the overall quality of life for residents of a facility while providing exceptional benefits to their caretaker and the facility itself.

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The Individual in Transition


Transitioning from home to a facility is stressful, to say the least. Both the person living with dementia and his or her loved ones are anxious and fearful, anticipating a loss of meaningful interaction and sense of control.

RememberStuff® can help smooth the transition process:

  • The individual’s identity is supported as they maintain close contact with their loved ones through the system’s Messaging features.
  • Overall impact and anxiety can be reduced as the new caretaker is alerted to routines that worked previously.
  • The resident is engaged and supported through the use of personalized content.
  • The caretaker can get to know the resident faster and easier; who they are, their likes and dislikes, their interests, and their families, all by accessing the RememberStuff® lists. In addition, residents get to know and trust the staff.
  • RememberStuff® provides reminders of upcoming activities, daily schedule, facility rules, and more, so they feel more comfortable and willing to participate.
  • No Spam or Scam from external sources as all information is accessed through a secure web-based portal.

Powerful Options, Easy to Use

Caregivers want to keep the individual engaged, active, and feeling safe. With RememberStuff®, the approved caregiver has access to personal information about the resident so they will know their likes, dislikes, interests, and preferences. This enables the caretaker to establish a relationship easier and faster, increasing trust, compliance, and engagement.

The resident will receive their own touch-screen device; it is always on and connected to a secure, web-based portal. The content is personalized to the individual and can be easily adapted as needed.

Because it is so easy to use, he or she will be more likely to utilize the powerful features within RememberStuff®.

The resident can access the system simply by touching the screen. Right away they are successful!


Stay Connected, Stay on Track

With the RememberStuff® Calendar, residents can immediately see what visits, appointments, or activities are scheduled for that day, helping them stay on track and feel in control. There is also an audible reminder option that can be set up so they can begin getting ready in time for the event.

If they forget? RememberStuff® is there to patiently remind them as often as necessary.

RememberStuff® provides an Activities area that provides customized games, quizzes, and other activities that they enjoy, stimulating their mind while actively engaging them.

Personalized information in the Remember area helps the resident remember people and things that are important to them, things like:

  • Names and photos of grandkids, other loved ones, or staff
  • Morning routine
  • Favorite recipe
  • How to…. play bingo or anything else

Perhaps most importantly, he or she can text or video message with approved family and friends throughout the day. Videos and images can be stored and replayed as often as they would like, creating a personalized memory book.

They won’t feel so alone, and neither will their family.


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