RememberStuff for Facilities

Welcome to RememberStuff for Facilities

RememberStuff is a true person-centric kiosk that supports later-life transitions.

RememberStuff believes that sustaining a loved one’s independence and sense of dignity should always be a top priority.  RememberStuff is a person-centric kiosk that helps ease transition anxiety for all involved: senior, family, friends, caregivers and facility.

What RememerStuff offers:

For the User:

  • Comfort through easy connections with family and friends
  • Reminders of visits, activities, meals events, salon appointments, etc. may be added to help resident remember to engage.
  • Reinforcement of memories through replaying video messaging, looking at old video clips & pictures, taking fun quizzes showing people and place of one’s past.  Pictures of visits coupled with calendar entries help the resident recall recent gatherings.  Calendar entries with custom quizzes and/or Remember entries, help with positive anticipation of things that will happen in the future.
  • Individualized learning and activities of interest through story-book address book, remember section tailored for the individuals, quizzes tailored toward interests and learning and games to stimulate logic
  • Acclimation to facility through the story-book address book including nurses, aides and the administrator; the calendar of activities; the detailed description of activities with pictures and learning about the facility and activities through custom quizzes

For the Family, Friends and Caregiver:

  • It is extremely important to stay connected during the transition to a new facility.  This is a 24/7 solution for frequent video clips of yourselves to send to the loved one as well as pictures and text memories
  • Capture memories. What you can get in return is amazing.  Whether the loved one needs help or whether they can do video messaging on their own, you will be able to see how they look and how they sound.  This is reassuring when you are unable to be with them.
  • You never have to worry doing security and software updates as RememberStuff constantly does this for you.

For the Facility:

  • Help the new resident acclimate so they can take advantage of what the facility has to offer.
  • Improve attendance at activities and special events through calendar updates with easy to access additional information about upcoming events.
  • Help residents get to know staff. Show pictures with names and roles of each person on your staff. Include interesting information about your employees so new residents get to know and trust the staff more quickly.
  • Improve your % occupancy by attracting new residents and retaining existing residents.
  • Reinforce facility information with custom quizzes that help resident learn about rules, people, events, and routines.
  • Don’t worry about doing security and software updates as RememberStuff continuously does this as needed.

RememberStuff is housed on a commercial grade HP touch screen computer that is completely self-contained, safe and easy to use.  Two mounting options are available: pedestal and wall-mounted.

All personal data is provided by the caregiver entering the data and they also determine all approved contacts for the family’s unit. No Spam and No Scams. No worries of fraud or confusing requests from outside sources.

  • Also, a 24/7 Help/call center is available to address any needs or concerns by calling the HELP number you receive at time of purchase.
  • RememberStuff facilities pricing is available upon request.