For AT-HOME or GROUP-HOME Environments

Story #1: Group Home Introduction

We took two RememberStuff units to demonstrate to group home company in Indianapolis. We wanted to demonstrate two things:

  1. How easy the unit is to learn and use by the residents and
  1. How the system could be integrated into their care system.

We gathered about a dozen nurses, caregivers and managers together in a room and asked that they bring

two residents to try the units. We showed the two residents how to create, send and watch video clips. They were sitting at the units with their back to a long table with the dozen people having a meeting behind them. One of the residents had autism and was very quiet and withdrawn. Not long into the meeting, this individual stood up, faced the room and flung out his arms saying, “I LOVE THIS COMPUTER! I LOVE THIS COMPUTER.” We then noticed some of the nurses and caregivers misting up. They said he never does anything like this and they were very moved. The system is so simple to use that it is quickly learned. It is also incredibly powerful for socialization.

Story #2: At-Home Use

in the mid 1900’s, my brother was born with developmental disabilities and he had to go to a ‘special school’ when he turned 7. He was unable to reason or and do basic addition or subtraction and he still is unable to do these things today. But my brother did have abilities that many children or adults did not have: he had a huge appetite for experiencing life and especially for enjoying and memorizing the tunes and words of the music of the day. I was a year old than my brother and was blessed with a wide range of   daily participation abilities that my brother did not have. My brother watched me learn to ride a bike, he listened as I learned to play the piano and he was delighted when I dressed up for the prom or other school dances.   I later realized that he felt such a deep connection with me that he actually experienced life through me and it became his own. When I fell off my bike, he fell off the bike as well. When I mastered a tune on the piano, he felt he learned the tune as well. When I went to a dance, he felt all the excitement and anticipation that I felt.

One of the reasons I had such a passion for the development of a tool like RememberStuff was to expand my brother’s social horizons with a tool that he would be able to master on his own ….. and HE DID! My brother absolutely loves to create videos and receive videos, so much so that he will literally spend 2 to 3 hours in front of the unit’ communicating with ‘the outside world.’

Pictures are great but videos are priceless!