RememberStuff® Unit plus subscription

From: $1,395.00 one time, and
$350.00 / year with a 2-month free trial

Want to Lease? A $500 deposit (reimbursable upon return of working unit minus a $135 restocking fee) plus $58 per month. Click here to get started. 

RememberStuff® Unit

A high-quality, single application to touch screen computer with ability to connect to WiFi.


RememberStuff® Subscription

This is a subscription for a RememberStuff™ unit update and support on a recurring basis. This subscription is necessary for the RememberStuff™ unit to work.  This is for continuous support to ensure that the security and new features of the unit are up to date.


This unit requires a RememberStuff® subscription to work.

The Standard Unit comes with the following:

A high-quality, single application to touch screen computer with the ability to connect to WiFi.  Set-up is easy:

  1. Remove computer, keyboard, mouse and power cord.
  2. Plus USB connector for keyboard and mouse into the computer.
  3. Plug the power cord into the computer
  4. Turn the computer on and follow directions to connect to your WiFi
  5. Once connected, remove the keyboard and mouse from the computer and store in the box for future use if you change your WiFi password or source.

For the caregiver or family member who purchased this unit for the end user, they receive and email with tools to put information on the end-user’s system.  This is called the Caregiver Portal. They also have the ability to connect the user with friends and family who will become the user’s private social group.

Caregiver and Private Social Group System Requirements

These are the system requirements for RS 1.2 Caregiver portal:

  • Smart phone, iPad, Android tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers on any of the above devices
  • Safari mobile on iPad and tablets
  • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers are not supported.
  • Safari is not supported on laptops and desktop computers.

RememberStuff’s™ goal is to support loved ones in their determination to live independently and stay connected with family and friends. RememberStuff™ provides users with a Calendar to help them remember appointments and important events, a Remember section to help remember how to perform some of their favorite tasks, Messaging to loved ones (both video and text), as well as Activities like quizzes and memory games.

Additional information

RememberStuff® Subscription

Subscription Length

1 month at a time, 12 months at a time (get 2 months free)

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