Personal Story of Transitioning Family to Care

June 2, 2022

Transitions are tough for all involved. I participated in a podcast with my son Steve Mullholand and Keith DiMartino, the hosts of Eperture’s “Morning Chat” for RememberStuff. This is our personal journey of helping my mom (living with dementia), dad (living with kidney failure) and brother (living with autism) transition from their home in Florida…

Activities Lab in adult day care setting

May 13, 2022

RememberStuff”s Activities Lab is being evaluated in its first adult day care setting to augment activities during unstructured times.

April 15 Steve Mullholand Appointmented as Eperture’s new President

April 15, 2022

Steve brings 40 years of the entrepreneurial spirit to Eperture having started his first company at age 13, Tarpon Software.  Under Steve’s leadership, Eperture is on a path to leverage its technology for use in long-term care and assisted living as well as aging at home.  Steve has created successful companies in the US, EU…

Mary Ellen our President has retired

April 1, 2022

Mary Ellen Mullholand retired as president of Eperture after 6 years with Eperture and 50 years in healthcare.  While at Eperture she was involved with DocStuff product definition and several NIH grants for RememberStuff.  She was a valued member of our team.

Eperture wins first CMP grant

February 7, 2022

RememberStuff has partnered with the State of Colorado Nursing Homes Innovations Board to implement an Activities Lab in three care communities through a CMP grant! This grant will help improve the quality of life with the residents, assist the staff members by reducing stress and workload and help the culture change in senior living communities!

CareBand, Inc. Wins SBIR Phase I Award from the National Institutes of Health

January 24, 2022

“We are so pleased to be part of this collaborative effort to assess resident engagement. There is a shift in how residents and staff engage in care communities from traditional group activities to a combination of resident organized groups, self-directed technology-based activities and staff-directed technology-based activities,” said Christine Mullholand, co-founder of Eperture LLC. “We are…

The Digital Health Revolution has Begun Disruptors & Disrupted

April 21, 2021

HITLAB Symposium Join HITLAB on Thursday, April 29th for the Fourth HITLAB Symposium of 2021, taking place from 11:00am to 2:00pm EST. HITLAB presents an orchestra of digital health experts presenting in rapid succession, sharing the most recent developments in the advancement of digital health solutions. Link: HITLAB Symposium

Hitlab’s Women Health Tech Wednesday

February 5, 2021

Join Mary Ellen Mullholand and Christine Mullholand for a lunchtime conversation with Hitlab’s Women Health Tech Wednesday, February 10th 2021 – 11:30am Eastern on Hitlab‘s website!

NIH grant awarded to Eperture LLC

August 31, 2020

Under its Small Business Technology Transfer Program, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded Eperture LLC a grant for the following project: RememberStuff: a dyadic-focused technology to support persons with Alzheimer’s disease in the community. The grant will run until 8/31/2021.

RememberStuff® Content Expanded to include Music First™ from Coro Health

June 15, 2020

Music First™ is a supportive, personalized program designed song-by-song to support specific therapeutic outcomes. Coro Faith is the largest database of spiritual, religious and wellness content addressing inter-faith needs within the healthcare community. We provide spiritual and religious continuity for individuals from a broad spectrum of traditions, communities and beliefs (