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CareBand, Inc. Wins SBIR Phase I Award from the National Institutes of Health

January 24, 2022

“We are so pleased to be part of this collaborative effort to assess resident engagement. There is a shift in how residents and staff engage in care communities from traditional group activities to a combination of resident organized groups, self-directed technology-based activities and staff-directed technology-based activities,” said Christine Mullholand, co-founder of Eperture LLC. “We are…

The Digital Health Revolution has Begun Disruptors & Disrupted

April 21, 2021

HITLAB Symposium Join HITLAB on Thursday, April 29th for the Fourth HITLAB Symposium of 2021, taking place from 11:00am to 2:00pm EST. HITLAB presents an orchestra of digital health experts presenting in rapid succession, sharing the most recent developments in the advancement of digital health solutions. Link: HITLAB Symposium

Hitlab’s Women Health Tech Wednesday

February 5, 2021

Join Mary Ellen Mullholand and Christine Mullholand for a lunchtime conversation with Hitlab’s Women Health Tech Wednesday, February 10th 2021 – 11:30am Eastern on Hitlab‘s website!

NIH grant awarded to Eperture LLC

August 31, 2020

Under its Small Business Technology Transfer Program, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded Eperture LLC a grant for the following project: RememberStuff: a dyadic-focused technology to support persons with Alzheimer’s disease in the community. The grant will run until 8/31/2021.

4 Ways Seniors Can Use Technology to Stay Healthy and Independent

November 27, 2019

  By Katybeth Dee Technology is changing the face of aging. No longer the highest-tech device in a senior’s home is the medical alert system. These days, seniors are using all kinds of technology to make their daily lives healthier, safer, and more convenient. Whether you’re a senior living at home or a long-distance caregiver…

Frequent Napping

Sleep Patterns and Alzheimer’s

August 21, 2019

A New Sign of potential occurrence of Alzheimer’s Disease Increased, excessive napping could be an early warning of Alzheimer’s Disease, new research shows. Lea Grinberg, professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco reports that when people hear about Alzheimer’s they immediately think about memory loss. Grinberg and 18 other scientists from universities…

Friendly Reminder

August 13, 2019

Brain Pills are a Bust

August 9, 2019

As reported in the AARP Bulleting July/August 2019. One in four Americans 50 and older take a supplement for brain health. They are likely flushing dollars down the drain says a new report by the AARP Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH). The study, “The Real Deal on Brain Health Supplements” says more than $3…

Alzheimer’s Disease is on my mind today!

July 10, 2019

Author: Mary Ellen Mullholand, President – Eperture Today, at a business meeting a colleague seemed sad and not engaged in the discussion at hand. I asked him “what is the problem?” He responded “I made a call to my first business mentor and colleague of 35 years last evening and at age 72, he has…

Early Adoption of Memory Assist Technologies

January 17, 2019

by Christine Mullholand Early adoption of a memory assist technologies can help individuals stay in control of their lives longer. How many times have we said to ourselves or others “I can’t seem to remember things like I used to” or “I can’t believe I missed that appointment or forgot to send that birthday card”…